Learning The Guitar Fretboard: It's NOT About Memorizing Notes. Its About Chords

Learning The Guitar Fretboard: It's NOT About Memorizing Notes. Its About Chords

This is all about my CAGED Primer Playlist AND my Guitar Tablature Video Linked Below!

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35 Comments on “Learning The Guitar Fretboard: It's NOT About Memorizing Notes. Its About Chords”

  1. Wow it makes sense! It's not that I'm surprised you make sense I'm surprised that I haven't done this before but then again it's not really a surprise it's that I wasn't looking in the right places for great guitar info! Thank you Stitch you're awesome!

  2. Mr. Stich ? Where the Hell are U ?? Even Sean Daniels doesnt Know OR who have you 2 back Playing together ! ! Ol West

  3. The 2 hour CAGED masterclass you did is absolutely the best free lesson on the CAGED system offered anywhere on the internet or even for sale. I learned and understood more after your 2 hour lesson than I did spending all of last year studying(and purchasing) CAGED materials from other sources. Many thanks, Woody

  4. I love it that we are it the same music.
    I'm trying to learn from you, but I've always played bass with all the bands I've been inn. I believe I sent you a link to my 1st band. I was taking listen, but the two brothers didn't know only if it felt right

  5. can you imagine if the chord shape on a piano was different for each octave.

  6. Thanks for teaching me another Dead song with this video. 🙂 Very informative.

  7. You are literally the best guitar teacher on youtube. All your videos are consistently high quality and helpful. Top notch. Thank you.

  8. This is great, however, I just can’t play barre chords. So, I have to use open chords and , sometimes, use a capo. This is extremely limiting but what can I do~ ~ ~

  9. This mans pure genius, the way he presents his ideas to us is what does it. He’s so positive and inspiring in his tone alone. Progress will follow folks.

  10. Stitch! Dude! How many guitars did you bring cross country? I've seen quite a few different ones. What did you do, leave the wife at home? LoL

  11. I learned to do this on my own and can confirm it makes a big difference. Thanks Stich.

  12. Tom Segura’s Very serious when he’s sharing his guitar skills! WoW

  13. You need some burning insence and a bong in the background to fill out the ambience.

  14. This practical stuff js really helpful Ian to a Brit like me, who's struggling to break free from beginner to intermediate. I'm slogging through your Arp Masterclass right now, learning the shapes.
    Thanks for your advice and enjoy your road trip

  15. These have been great, ive been playing seriously for about 5 months or so and the I like pizza thing kinda blew my mind.

  16. Not to divert anyone from your great teaching but I recommend a video by my late friend Pete Huttlinger called Wonderful World of Chords. It is tremendous chord practice.

  17. Thanks, I'm Going to follow your advice and channel 🙂 You playing the same chords across the neck without looking proved to me you know what you're doing and you're happy 🙂

  18. Your Caged playlist on youtube is probably the best Caged course you can possible find on the internet. Congrats mate, continue with this awesome work!! greetings from Brazil.

  19. Hi Ian , so I’m interested in your caged primer playlist, but a little confused on how to get it. When I enter Caged primer playlist in youtube it shows three free videos titled “caged chord system lesson 1, 2, 3’. Is that it? Also, if I do have to join your channel to get the primer playlist which level do I join? Thanks

  20. it is not the background and the color of your shirt that interest me…its your teaching and skill..thanks

  21. Ian, you’re just an awesome dude bro! You big ol’ dancing Jerry berry bear! Lol…..I’m about to become a patron. This is gold!

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