REM Losing My Religion Guitar Lesson with MANDOLIN SOLOS

REM Losing My Religion Guitar Lesson with MANDOLIN SOLOS

REM Losing My Religion Guitar Lesson ✅ Buy Lauren’s Guitar Course – – Welcome to my Losing My Religion guitar lesson where we will be discussing chords, strumming and even some mandolin parts. How cool.

This Losing My Religion guitar lesson by REM was actually a song request by someone here on YouTube, so thank you for the recommendation. This song can be played at the beginner level since most of the chords for Losing My Religion are easier open chords. There is a F chord to contend with but you could always use an Fmaj7 chord to make it easier.

I will be going over a few Losing My Religion strumming patterns. One easier and the others harder. I will even be going into a very intricate strumming pattern for the intro. So let’s get into the Losing My Religion tutorial.

✅ Pull up my REM Losing My Religion guitar lesson chord chart to follow along with:

R.E.M. Losing My Religion Guitar Lesson Chapters:

0:00 – Intro & Losing My Religion Guitar Chords
1:38 – Losing My Religion Easy Strumming Pattern
2:26 – Losing My Religion Syncopated Strumming Pattern
3:00 – Four Measure Intro Strumming Pattern
7:58 – Losing My Religion Verse
9:23 – Losing My Religion Chorus
11:17 – Losing My Religion Mandolin Solo
14:22 – Mandolin Outro Solo
16:06 – Losing My Religion Play Through & Outro

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Lauren 🙂

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33 Comments on “REM Losing My Religion Guitar Lesson with MANDOLIN SOLOS”

  1. I wonder how all three strumming patterns would sound like if they were done at the same time by three different musicians.

  2. As always everything is explained so well with charts available as needed! So easy to follow. Thanks Lauren!

  3. thats brilliant, I think if I can manage to get it sounding slightly like it using the simple way that will do, watching you do the harder stuff was pickling my brain, and I am just a learner, very simple stuff does me

  4. My favorite REM song! Thanks for making it easier to understand, Lauren! Maybe "Man On The Moon" is coming down the road? Switching chords on the up-strum is new to me but I'm sure I'll master it after practicing it 1,000 times or so. 😅

  5. so i have been learning hotel California recently and need something new i think this may be it, also the way you teach is amazing, ive tried to learn for years but couldnt progress from the basics, i tried so many diffrent channels but i never got as far as i am now watching you thanks 🤗🤗🤗🤓

  6. Nice I love REM. 🙂 Have you ever heard the song Every Feeling by Ezra Furman ? There are a couple of guitar lessons for it on Youtube, but I bet you could do better. 🙂

  7. Great lesson Lauren. Best thing ive ever done signing up for your courses❤️👍

  8. Oh, great…now I have to go buy a mandolin!! lol Fab lesson, Lauren!! Cheers, 🙂

  9. Was unfamiliar with this song but , thanks to you, now feels like part of the family ! Enjoyed.

  10. Super cool. Big thanks. I started watching you when you were a "baby." 🙂 So happy to see your subscribers are zooming up.

  11. Just love this song and love REM so much. Thank you Lauren for sharing this great lesson. You great teacher. 🤩🤘👍

  12. Yes Lauren mam in previous comment of mine o was referring to your song so…. If you could make a lesson about it that'll be great because honestly speaking I haven't been able to get your song out of my head since I heard of the past 3 days. But of course no pressure at all.

  13. When I seen it heading the first thing I thought was that you got very aggravated about something 🤣😅

  14. Terrific lesson! Thanks for going into the detailed strumming patterns! Great song to practice!

  15. This is a great lesson mam 👍😎 the beginner student like me.Really appreciate .Thank u so much once again mam 👍👍😎 😎

  16. Great lesson LB 🙂 loved the mando part 🙂 beautiful n brilliant lesson 🙂 it’s too bad copyright issues preclude u from singing 🙁
    Keep up ur great lessons 🙂

  17. Hey it’s me again…
    Another informative tutorial as always.question for you, ever thought of acquiring a Acoustic Guitar Looper? That would’ve been somewhat beneficial for a vid like this, what do you think?
    Keep Rockin’ Lauren, you’re doing Fantastic!

  18. crazy i was trying to learn this song the yesterday and could not hear the guitar part good enough to understand what was going on lol.

  19. First also let me just start by saying I missed you (I know you posted a lesson 2 days ago but hey… It's not my fault you're the best teacher on the internet (also mam could you please make a lesson of a song called "Falling away from you" it's a beautifully written and played song by a musician who's just as fantastic… I'm not placing her name though 🙂)

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